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Taught by Chief Master Vincent Raimondi

8th Degree Black Belt & ATA Masters Council Member


The Traditional Gum Do Program is a stand alone program that teaches you the fine art of Korean Gum Do
and provides a structured ranking system where you will have the ability to some day earn your Black Belt.

- ATA 3rd Degree Black Belt or Higher (current ATA membership required)
- ATA Licensee or Instructors Permission

Training is conducted multiple ways. Online curriculum is available through the MyStudio App. Monthly ZOOM trainings are provided. Regional & National trainings sessions scheduled throughout the year.

- Enrollment - $299.00 (includes Uniform, Wooden & Foam Training Swords)
- Monthly Tuition - $100.00
- Testing Fee - $100.00

Book your room for Fall Nationals today!

Fall Nationals will take place in Little Rock, AR on October 20 - 23, 2021