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Specialized Training for the Songahm Athlete

ATA International believes that Songahm Athletes are forged through consistent and safe training. At our Athlete Development Seminars, you will receive quality instruction in a positive environment. Our instructors are skilled at assessing your ability and creating a plan that will help you improve your strength, mobility, and overall performance. After an in-person Athlete Development Seminar, you may receive an invitation to participate at the annual Athlete Development Training Camp. Participants will train with Team ATA-USA members and coaches throughout this camp and dynamic Master Instructors from worldwide. 



Chief Master Nominee Instructor

Master Kaminski is a multiple-time World Champ in the ATA and the first-ever Master Instructor to receive the World title in Combat Sparring. He specializes in agility drills and conditioning. In addition to creating the Combat Sparring Curriculum for the ATA International Training department, Master Kaminski is a head coach for Team ATA-USA. Master Kaminski brings more than thirty years of Martial Arts Instruction to the table when he teaches. You’ll glean many valuable tools from training with this dynamic Champion.   


Master Instructor

Master Isaacs is a three-time Sparring World Champion in one of the most competitive divisions of the ATA tournament circuit. His concepts and theories are proven to work and build champions. Master Isaacs is a dynamic motivator well known for creating a positive environment for athletes to elevate their martial arts ability. Beyond creating Sparring Curriculum for ATA International, Master Isaacs has been influential in creating Team ATA-USA and the Team Sparring Competitions. Master Isaacs is gifted at communicating complex strategies for all athletes to understand and implement immediately in their training.


Master Nominee Instructor

While Jharen Haynes holds many World titles, he is most passionate about
Songahm Forms. His approach to performing the traditional forms with power, balance, and proper technique is incredible to watch. Jharen undoubtedly has a gift for teaching. Whether your goal is to improve your mobility or overall presentation, Jharen is gifted at providing you with the tools to demonstrate your techniques well. After transitioning from the day-to-day operations as an ATA licensee, he accepted a full-time position at ATA International Headquarters. If you haven’t trained with Mr. Haynes, you’re missing out!


Fall Nationals will take place in Pittsburgh, PA
at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

October 12-15, 2022