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Elevating Martial Arts Training: ATA International Partners with MyStudio for Innovation and Benefits


Chaska Richardson


Elevating Martial Arts Training: ATA International Partners with MyStudio for Innovation and Benefits

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (March. 8, 2024) 

ATA International, America’s largest martial arts organization, has announced a partnership with MyStudio, a leading provider of martial arts business software. This collaboration will enable ATA Licensees to operate their schools and clubs more efficiently and to improve member experiences.

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation:

ATA International's decision to partner with MyStudio reflects a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in martial arts training. ATA and MyStudio are committed to streamlining and simplifying daily operations for ATA schools.  Enhancements are in development and will be announced in time.

Unparalleled Advantages and Savings for ATA Members:

One of the key benefits of this partnership is the exclusive discount offered to ATA-licensed schools by MyStudio. This discount presents significant savings on the monthly system cost, providing exceptional value for schools looking to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency.  This exclusive discount plus three free months can only be accessed by active ATA Licensees (in good-standing with ATA International) by following this link:

Empowering Schools with Advanced Features:

The partnership introduces a range of features designed to increase sales and improve retention in martial arts schools and clubs:

  • Adaptable Scheduling and Enrollment: MyStudio offers flexible scheduling tools and streamlined belt/rank management to simplify class enrollment and progression tracking.

  • Member-Focused App: MyStudio's mobile app ensures a seamless experience for members, facilitating easy registration and in-app communication with the studio.

Senior Master Taekwon Lee, CEO of ATA International, emphasizes the significance of the partnership, stating, "MyStudio is a leader in the martial arts software industry.  As a school owner in Atlanta, I personally used this as my student management system.  In addition to the CRM, MyStudio offers payment processing, a point-of-sale system, text and email communications and website templates. These features made the operations of my school seamless and easy.  I am proud of our partnership with MyStudio, and I am excited to bring to all of ATA a leading CRM company multi-operators like Karate Atlanta.”

Tu Le, CEO and Founder of MyStudio, comments: "Partnering with ATA International is a landmark moment for us. ATA embodies excellence in martial arts, and their commitment to quality and community aligns seamlessly with our vision. We're more than a tech company; we're facilitators of a shared passion. This partnership allows us to contribute directly to the martial arts world, a community we deeply respect and are proud to be a part of."

Future-Focused Collaboration:

The partnership between ATA International and MyStudio underscores their joint commitment to fostering growth and innovation in the martial arts industry. As ATA’s preferred CRM provider, MyStudio will provide invaluable insights and streamlined operations.