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Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee created the ATA Masters’ Council prior to his passing in 2000. Presently, the Masters' Council comprises a group of highly regarded, diverse, and experienced individuals to help transmit ATA’s traditions and core values, and guide Songahm Taekwondo training and its evolution into the future. The Council’s main responsibilities are to help the ATA develop curriculum, martial arts programs, martial arts products and services for the members of the ATA, to devote itself to the preservation of the traditions and philosophy of the organization including the seniority system and guidelines and procedures for testing and attaining rank within the ATA, and to spread Songahm Taekwondo throughout the world.

Grand Master Robert Jager

Grand Master Michael Caruso

Grand Master Larry Hoover

Grand Master Al Dilegge

Chief Master Tony Isaacs

Chief Master Vincent Raimondi

Chief Master Michelle Landgren-Lee

Chief Master Michael Wegmann