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When you find a student that possesses the qualities of a great leader, and you know that he or she has what it takes to rise a step above the Leadership Program– the ATA Legacy Program will take these students to new heights in their martial arts training, character development, and managerial skills to assist in the next steps to success!

Eternal Grand Master’s vision was to create the pathway for any ATA student to become successful in life. No matter if the goal is to become a lawyer, doctor, or professor, this program is perfect to plant the seeds of leadership qualities needed to create an impressive legacy. It is also an excellent program to train the next generation of instructors in your business model. Whether you are looking for class assistance, or to expand into multiple locations; creating quality instructors will help you gain financial security and freedom to attain your goals in life and in your ATA Licensed business. It is exactly what you’ve been searching for to create an ever-lasting legacy with your footprint in the martial arts industry.

On behalf of the Founders’ and Master’s Council, I welcome you to the ATA’s most premier program that will define the road between Leadership and Mastership. Thank you for continuing the founder’s vision by creating better leaders, one black belt at a time! What will your Legacy be?

Get Ready for 2021 Worlds!

Worlds will take place in Phoenix, AZ on July 27 - August 1, 2021