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Parents are continually looking for an activity that is more than just great exercise but will also teach their children the skills they will use throughout their lives. When the ATA introduced the original Karate for Kids program in 1986, martial arts children all over the world began to include lessons in Discipline, Self Esteem, and Respect into their daily training. This program has since become the largest group of students in the ATA. Through the years, how children learn and what motivates them has changed. It is for this reason that we have taken the time to update this very important program to meet these needs while building upon the solid foundation of what is a core program for so many ATA licensees.

By combining the Discipline of traditional Songahm Taekwondo, learning Respect through life skill development and the Self-Esteem gained by the reward system, we believe your students will advance in the martial arts and reach their fullest potential.

On behalf of the Founders and Masters Council, I welcome you to the updated “ATA Martial Arts Kids Program”. The heart and soul of your school and the ATA are children; let’s work together to make the world great, one Black Belt at a time.

Come celebrate 2021 Spring Nationals!

The 2021 Spring Nationals will take place in Las Vegas, NV on May 12 - May 15, 2021