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"In victory, be humble. In defeat, be strong. In all things be fair." 
-Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee 


The ATA Martial Arts curriculum program is customized for adult men and women. Unlike a children's program, adult programs focus on high-intensity fitness and real self-defense that applies in today's world.

Most adults can only do so many aerobic classes or run so many solo miles before they start dreaming of something more enjoyable and exciting to do to stay in shape. The ATA Adult martial arts curriculum is a great way to stay in shape that doesn't become dull or routine because as soon as you get better and learn more there are always more challenges ahead to keep you inspired and coming back to the school.

Men and women often join to for the ability to take care of oneself in any potentially dangerous, or uncomfortable situation, even though most of our adults seldom, if ever, get into a fighting situation.


They often find themselves, however, in an uncomfortable situation, such as walking to their car late at night, or escorting their spouse or friend in a less than secure neighborhood. It's at times like this that martial arts training greatly enhances your ability to really take care of yourself, or someone you care for, when the time arises.

These fitness based martial arts for adults classes will help you reach your stated goals. Running and mountain biking are still great activities, but if that's all you do for your fitness you may end up limiting your flexibility. Because these activities are basically 'linear' in nature they don't challenge you to develop in all the areas of fitness. That is why most professional athletes cross train outside of their chosen sport. There is nothing like martial arts training to develop you into your maximum potential both physically and mentally.


“My whole family has grown and strengthened through our practice of Taekwondo. I use the life skills all the time with my kids. They are a great reminder of our family’s own values!”

- Beth Grula, Mother of Adam
& Meredith



“Martial arts is the only activity that my daughter and I can participate in together. It has strengthened our relationship and improved her confidence!”

- Olemuel Cox


“I think the training has been a big health benefit. I also think the connection I have with other people is a great benefit a – to refer someone to Karate is a great feeling – knowing that they’re going to get the same benefits I have gotten!”

- Luke Ross


“I have learned so much from my training in the martial arts. Skills that have helped me to become successful in my life. I look forward to helping people learn the same things every day!”

- Bryan Smith


Come celebrate 2020 Spring Nationals!

The 2020 Spring Nationals will take place in Las Vegas, NV on February 25-29, 2020